Jo Harrington, Orthoptist

Certified Orthoptist Jo Harrington is a native of Burlington, Wisconsin.  Ms. Harrington was the University of Wisconsin’s first Orthoptic student and was certified in 1980, specializing in the evaluation and treatment of disorders of the visual system.  Ms. Harrington detects and manages conditions such as amblyopia and diplopia, and administers orthoptic exercises.  She became a “Texan by choice” in July of 1980 by moving here and taking a position with pediatric ophthalmologist Dr. John Mumma.  After working alongside Dr. Mumma for 23 years, Ms. Harrington began caring for patients with Dr. Johan Zwaan with whom she worked for 13 more years.  Ms. Harrington now has more than 37 years’ experience in examining and treating children with eye diseases and adults with eye muscle problems and double vision.

She is very passionate about giving her patients the best care and information about their eye condition.  Ms. Harrington says she feels very fortunate to have been able to work with some of the finest pediatric ophthalmologist in her field, including her newest colleagues at San Antonio Eye Center.  In her spare time, she likes to read, travel, and volunteer.