Corneal Infections

Sometimes the cornea is damaged after a foreign object has entered the tissue, such as from a poke in the eye. At other times, bacteria or fungi from a contaminated contact lens can pass into the cornea. Situations like these can cause painful inflammation and corneal infections. Corneal infections can reduce visual clarity, produce corneal discharges, erode the cornea, or lead to corneal scarring which can impair vision and may require a corneal transplant.


The deeper the corneal infection, the more severe the symptoms and complications. These infections, although relatively infrequent, are the most serious complication of contact lens wear.


Minor corneal infections are commonly treated with eye drops. Severe problems may require more intensive antibiotic or anti-fungal treatment, as well as steroid eye drops to reduce inflammation. Frequent visits to an eye care professional may be necessary for several months to eliminate the problem.

Other Cornea Conditions

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